Women and Leadership

About six months ago I was in the Seattle Airport, one my way to an entrepreneur conference.  I was browsing through a bookstore that had real live, hard cover books in it.  Since I was on my way to give a presentation on success strategies for small business, I thought I would see what was […]

Shifting Perspectives

While in Debbie Allen’s mentorship program, I attended her Highly Paid Expert event. It is a combination of expert speakers and future entrepreneurs, all waiting to learn the Highly Paid Expert business model. To begin with, I like to think I’m a pretty smart person. I have a degree in accounting and an MBA in […]

A Scary and Stuck Place

The middle of 2014 was a difficult time for me personally.  My aging father became seriously ill, and I had to fly between Seattle and Indiana to help care for him. I know that work and aging parent issues are a struggle that other middle-aged people have and is becoming all too common. My usually […]


Life can be expensive. Frankly, I only have me and my dog to support, and I have no idea how families get by. God bless you and your family and all the efforts you make to get through the day! At middle age, I have a new respect for my parents. At this age, they […]

The Baby Boomer Reinvention

Most of my friends are baby boomers, and I fall at the tail end of that generation. As I looked closer, I realized that at my age, my friends had also started to look for a new career and lifestyle alternatives and most of their decisions led them down the entrepreneurial path. My closest friend […]